No More Tears an organization that’s for the people no matter how far. – Lanette Ridgeway

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Greeting from Tina Sanders, President/Founder of No More Tears Inc.

My Mission is to Create and Develop a more Caring and Transparent Community as a whole. So my theme of 'People is our Passion', can be spread more widely on a National level. I take pride, in any situation that I, or my No More Tears Team, are involved with, and No More Tears addresses all issues with Care, Empathy, and Passion. Along with approaching matters Confidentially, Professionally, with much Integrity and Morals. On many occasions, in our every growing diverse Communities, that the No More Tears deal with in the Eastern region of the United States. We offer Support, Direction, and provide a working network of information that has been proven, in keeping families together, along with Counseling, Mentorship, Self-Sustainability, Grief Counseling, Marriage Counseling and much more. In which everyone is valued and considered family. Individuals are encouraged to share many feelings, whether it's anger, frustration, sadness, fear, or what the emotion is. This way we can ALL heal, and voice the issues, straight on, and become a better Community as a whole. So that we get reconnected and spread LOVE.


It's so many things I could say about this organization. The team is full of love and compassion. I have called on Tina Sanders a many of times to help with families that are near and dear to my heart whether it was for death, homelessness, domestic violence, need something to eat, clothing ect..and each and everytime she stepped in and made them feel a sense of comfort. In February 2022 a very close friend lost her 17 year old daughter to gun violence and we had no clue as to where to start by getting any assistance. My first thought was the only person I know that could help (Tina Sanders)has relocated to another State but I took a chance on calling her and low and behold she answered and without hesitation said give me their information and within the hour she called back with all the necessary information for the family as well as ordering a casket spread and a plague from her organization to present to the family. If your ever in need of any assistance. I highly recommend No More Tears a organization that's for the people no matter how far. Lanette Ridgeway
Lanette Ridgeway
My name is Tonja Newkirk and I wanted to extend some words of empowerment that I have learned from Tina Sanders and No More Tears. On April 25, 2019 my only child was murdered. On that day I was introduced to Tina and I was told whatever I she needed would help me with. Mrs. Tina walked in and commanded the aura of the room and she and I connected. The strength and grace she holds is amazing and I am so happy to say I now call her a sister. Tina help me get my mind right and link with financial help to cover the expense of my son’s death. Tina made sure when I wanted to have a pray vigil for my son, Tina was my backbone and my strength. Again whatever I needed, I didn’t have to ask … she knew and did it. The character, the compassion, integrity, honesty, has connected us for life. We are now a sisterhood that can and will bring comfort, peaceful words, and most of all companionship in a time of need. Tina is and will always be a trailblazer and because of Tina and No More Tears I can stand on my own (with there backing) and know I can and will make it because of a No More Tears. Just on this year, No More Tears honored many women who have lost family members to violence, I was one of them women. I owe my part of my honor & strength and will to fight to No More Tears. If Tina calls Ms. Tonja is coming. We are better together as a community and family when we strive to be the best and Tina is just that !~ THE BEST!
Tonja Newkirk