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No More Tears, Inc. started in 2000, in Alabama after the founder Tina Sanders met a woman dealing with a domestic violence issue. She assisted and advocated for her to get the proper support systems and help she needed. Something sparked in Tina and it was where she found her passion for helping people. She continues to be the beacon of light for those dealing with domestic violence. 

People Are My Passion!

The Founder


Tina L.Sanders

Tina Sanders is the C.E.O and founder of No More Tears, Inc. Her mission and vision began with helping those who were a victim of Domestic Violence, her organization has now grown to assist troubled youth and assisted individuals that have lost a loved one because of a traumatic death.

Tina Louise Sanders is the founder and President of No More Tears, a not-for-profit community based organization committed to assisting families of homicide and domestic violence victims. She started her organization in 2007 after meeting a woman in the grocery store who shared with her that she was being abused by her boyfriend. Tina told the lady she could come home with her…and the lady did. She stayed with Tina for about 6 months while Tina helped her get an order of protection, stabilize her finances and relocate to another city with her 2 children. The rest is history. She saw a need for families and fulfilled it with the establishment of No More Tears. Tina is a native of Alabama. She relocated here in 1980 and briefly returned to Alabama to help her ailing father who she cared for until his passing. The rest is history.
Over the last 11 years Tina Sanders has assisted hundreds of families from all over Western New York needing support after the death, hurt or harm of a loved one. Advocating for families is her calling, her passion and her mission. Tina hosts an annual Teen Summit “Issa Movement”, a women’s conference called WHO (Women Healing Ourselves) and an annual dinner for the families of homicide victims – all free of charge. Tina also transports youth once per month to Attica and/or Wende Correctional Facility to participate in the ALFA Program (A Look For Alternatives). This program allows inmates sentenced to life imprison without parole, an opportunity to share their experiences with at risk youth whose personal lives and family situations make them disproportionately more likely to become involved in crime.
In addition to all of this, Tina has been a certified foster care mother for over 20 years. Tina is the mother of 3 natural children and has adopted several foster children – some by law, some by love. Her advocacy efforts have been acknowledged by the many awards, honorable mentions and regular recognition she humbly receives throughout her community. Most recently, Tina has decided to take her advocacy to another level as an announced candidate for Buffalo Common Council Fillmore District Councilperson in the next election. She says “I have a love for my community and feel it’s time for a change. I feel I am that change.” Her campaign slogan is “People are My Passion”.
Tina is a past Senior Peacemaker with the Buffalo Peacemakers organization. “I have stood side by side with mother’s after they have received that phone call no parent wants to get and arrived at homicide scenes to provide support to the families she didn’t even know. It’s love of the people that will make you put their worth and value above your own.”
Tina holds an Associate’s Degree in Juvenile Law from Shelton State Community College.


The Vision and Mission for the No More Tears Group has always had a Passion for people, and has always attempted to keep the family unit together. Quite often, to accomplish this requires some means of monetary needs. For many years, we have come out of pocket to maintain the Vision. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many organizations to continue to provide excellent services to many in our community. There are many  projects in progress that the No More Tears Group are collaborating on. Whether it’s in Buffalo, NY, or many areas on the East Coast of the United States. We want to continue to provide a means, to offer assistance to many that continue to reach out to the Group. Any amount you offer will be put to great use in effectively continuing our mission. Your financial support will help the No More Tears Group. Continue providing help for many who reach out to us for help.

If there are any questions or comments please call Tina Sanders (716) 816-8264 or Tracey Mullen (716) 698-6785.


Graciously yours, 

No More Tears


Tina Sanders


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