No More Tears,Inc. travels to assist families in Buffalo, and Suburban Towns, Tuscaloosa, Mobile Birmingham, Alabama, Chicago IL, Charlotte, NC, Georgia and other Cities across the Eastern United States.

No More Tears,Inc.

People Are My Passion

No More Tears is collecting Gifts Cards for 10 Grieving Families!

So here is your chance to show up to help these families that are going through these stressful times without their loved ones. Kindly email gift cards Target or Walmart to: or mail them to P.O. Box 219 1440 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo,NY 14208.


No More Tears, Inc. Annual Homicide & Awards Dinner 2024

The Eleventh Annual Event Of No More Tears Inc.

Photos from the Event

Annual Homicide Dinner & Awards. March 9, 2024

Annual Homicide Dinner & Awards 2024

No More Tears Helping Families Deal With Violent Crimes

About Us

No More Tears, Inc. started in 2000, in Alabama after the founder, Tina Sanders met a woman dealing with a domestic violence issue. She assisted and advocated for her to get the proper support systems and help she needed. Something sparked in Tina and it was where she found her passion for helping people. She has continued to be the beacon of light for those dealing with domestic violence. The components of No More Tears Inc.  assist parents with dealing with trouble youth by helping them navigate through the system such as Parents In Need of Supervision(PINS), and truancy issues.

We also are the strength and lend our shoulders to those who lost families have lost loved ones to homicides. No matter the hour we show up ready to be a support system to those who need an understanding ear and someone to help with the horrific ordeal of losing a family member. People are our Passion because we understand that we all need someone who will stand in the toughest of times.

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No More Tears Inc.
Brings Awareness of How Violence Can Affect Anyone.

No More Tears, Inc., continues to be a great Organization to bring awareness of how violence can affect anyone. Ciara Jackson, 14 years old from Texas, visiting Mobile, Alabama and killed on Michael Donald Avenue, 

Tina Sanders President/ Founder of No More Tear, Inc., was requested by the family of Ciara Jackson, as well as a Mobile Alabama Law Enforcement Officer, to come and support, and give ideas on how, to Engage with the Community. In a first step, and involving many that have been affected through a Traumatic Death of a loved one.

Our Mission

People are our Passion because we understand that we all need someone who is willing to stand with us through the toughest of times.

Our Mission is to respond to the needs of the people who are dealing domestic violence and losing a loved one to a traumatic death.

Our Vision

Is to keep families together in the toughest of times. We want to ensure that families know that they are not alone.

What We Provide

We Provide advocacy, support services and resources to assist families of domestic violence, troubled youth and families who have lost loved ones to traumatic death.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here? Let me explain why I asked this question . We have had 2 beautiful woman that their lives have been taken from them by someone they love and trust and have a child/ children with them.  Their were a cry  out for help to local authorities. To a Domestic violence agency/advocate that did nothing. Within a few  months apart there life was taken. It was lights ,cameras, action until they were laid to rest. Once again I ask where do we go from here? Now the families and  the  children thats left behind are having to deal with so much. Not just the lost of their love one. Just the thought of them not walking through the door , not hearing their voice etc. Not to mention that everyone that were around has disappeared. You know the ones that said I got you ,you and the children don’t have to worry about anything. Also let’s remember the loving family members. They all just Poof and gone. As a community what are we doing ? Where are the organizations the pastors, decons. When are we going to take care of our women and children? We need to as a community and make something happen for our community. It so sad that we allow our women and children to be killed. Especially when you know they are crying for help. I challenge each and everyone to step up. Don’t forget about these families. Check in with your love one’s. Once again where do we go from here.


The Vision and Mission for the No More Tears Group has always had a Passion for people, and has always attempted to keep the family unit together. Quite often, To accomplish this requires some means of monetary needs. For many years we have come out of pocket to maintain the Vision. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many organizations to continue to provide excellent services to many in our community. There are many projects in progress that the No More Tears Group are collaborating on. Whether it’s in Buffalo, NY, or many areas on the East Coast of the United States. We want to continue to provide a means, to help many that continue to reach out to the Group. Any amount you offer will be put to great use in effectively continuing our Mission. Your financial support will help the No More Tears Group. Continue providing help for many who reach out to us for help.

If you would like to make a monetary donation via Check the address is:

1440 Jefferson Avenue


Buffalo, New York 14208

For more information, please call:

To donate via Zelle: 716-816-8264

Tina Sanders (716) 816-8264 or Tracey Mullen (716) 698-6785.

Graciously yours, No More Tears


Tina Sanders

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